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You think we're trying to spoil your fun?
Silly boy! We've better things to do,
But, in a way, I understand;
Long, long ago, I felt that way too.

When you were just a little guy,
Those grown-ups took away
The things that might be harmful
With which you wished to play.

They kept you safe from light plugs,
Sharp knives, and scissors, too;
Too many cookies or chocolate,
Things that were bad for you

You didn't always get your way.
That's how they showed their love.
They set down rules for you to obey,
Like our dear Father above

Those who love you wish for you
A day when you will understand
That your Father in Heaven loves you too,
And wants so much to take your hand.

He's surrounded you with those who care.
Look around! I'm sure you'll see them there.

Copyright, 1998, Louise P. Stenson

Less than 9% of Americans believe in evolution as taught in the schools.