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I shall wear plaid pants
and a striped shirt that doesn't go, and a wide colorful tie.
When the weather is warm, I'll wear shorts
and brown sox and sandals, and no shirt
(though the scar from my heart by-pass will show.)
I'll buy a red corvette convertible and a French Beret,
and drive too slow,
and make a left turn from the wrong lane.
Then I'll wave at the fellow
who shakes his fist at me.
I shall pick up empty soda cans along side the road
and carry them home
in a plastic grocery bag to be crushed and recycled.
I may push carts at the super market and pack groceries.
Or I might greet customers at Walmart
with a friendly "Hello" and a smile.
I'll flirt with waitresses and the young female bank tellers.
-------------------- but for now I must wear my three piece suit
with a shirt and tie that go together.
and wing-tipped cordovan shoes, and executive sox.
I drive our family sedan and fasten my seat belt,
and am an example to our children.
I go to work each day and come home each afternoon to eat
the proper healthful, low cholesterol dinner,
being careful to remove my shoes at the door so
as not to track on the light colored carpeting.
But maybe I ought to practice a little now
so folks won't be too surprised
when I am old
and wear plaid pants and a striped shirt.

Copyright Louise Stenson

Less than 9% of Americans believe in evolution as taught in the schools.