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I had a dream, and in the dream I saw
The evils I had done to others;
How, even though unknowingly,
I'd sinned against my brothers
How Hurt my Dad and Mom would be
By rebellious, wicked words and such;
Neglectful times when they needed me,
And I didn't keep in touch.
And, though I've tried, I knew, that I'd
Caused them many tears,
By thoughtless words and actions
Over many bygone years.
I knew they loved me anyway,
But a gnawing guilt still in my heart did lay.
And then, the Lord cam on the scene--a loving gentle face--
"Peace," He said, You have my word of grace."
Though your sins are great,
They are forgiven,
Forgotten now,
By your Father in heaven.
A wondrous joy flowed over me
To think that Jesus can
Love one such as I--
A wicked, sinful man.
I began to think again,
Of evils done to me.
Words and actions so unkind,
Hurts and neglect,
And I could see,
If God forgives my sin so lovingly and graciously,
Then I can do the same,
To those who have hurt me.

Copyright, 1998, Louise P. Stenson

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