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The following is a poem that Louise wrote at her retirement from
Highland View School:


Streets and highways winding through
Cul-de-sacs, circles and lanes
Named after alphabet soup

The Village
Glorious in orange and brown
Spreads out below
Red and yellow, the brilliant maples show,
And Greendale sings an autumn song.

Too soon
The trees are bare
And winter sun is shining on the snow.
You can see the village sparkle and glow
A season too long.

Spring comes again
A flash of colorful blossoms.
Flowering crab and lilac, forsythia and honeysuckle
and, on the ground, dandelions,
Healthy and strong

The green takes over
And it's summer in the vale
Sadly I must leave
My high view of Greendale.

Copyright, 1998, Louise P. Stenson

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